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Welcome to 3DVT’s InVR3D Video platform where ordinary videos from phones, action cameras, and 360 cameras are converted into a stereo-VR (VR in 3D) format. Our aim is provide a friction-free solution for experiencing user-generated content in VR in 3D cost-effectively.

Our platform enables you to upload your 2D content, whether captured from your smartphone, DSLR, Action Camera, or 360°camera, to enjoy them in an immersive stereo-VR experiences. It’s important to us to help facilitate others to create user-generated VR content in 3D. We aim to do all we can to bring this powerful emerging medium to the mainstream.

What we’re doing is extremely challenging, but the opportunities are without boundaries. Our goal is to develop and deliver cutting edge stereo-VR technology that exceeds consumer expectations. We believe VR should be in 3D, available to anyone with a smartphone, cost-effectively, and friction-free.

Mainstream VR means VR has to go mobile. To go mobile, VR needs to offer user-generated content in VR, in 3D, and on-device. The mobile phone with its built-in camera is the device for doing this—it’s already in our hands and in front of our eyes. Our solution is intended for mobile VR applications, based on VR-3D algorithm technology mobile devices can handle.

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