About iNVR3D

Welcome to iNVR3D’s Drop and Share storytelling platform. The easy way to drop content from your phone, GoPro, or 360° camera to create a VR experience in 3D and share with others.

Our Philosophy

We believe Virtual Reality should be in 3D, on-demand, and made simple for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

The VR market is still in its early days, and this gives an incredibly interesting view of the emergence of new distribution methods for this medium.

The purpose of iNVR3D is two-fold:

     1 ) To provide a friction-free solution for creating stereoscopic-VR content from content captured with 2D cameras, and

     2 ) To lighten the burden of established data networks. It’s an alternative method in delivering and viewing content in 3D.

How iNVR3D works:

It uses photo or video data produced by any 2D camera. The data is then converted into stereoscopic-VR format as follows:

     1 ) On the cloud for streaming from 1K to 4K image quality as a 2D photo or video file;

     2 ) On the device for viewing content below 4K.

This process is particularly desirable for content captured in 2D, from a smartphone, action camera, wearable camera, or spherical camera.  It’s great for user-generated content.

Establishments seeking to create cost-effective solutions for storytelling, education, training, and hospitality marketing are finding it to be a lucrative selling point in terms of production cost, and bandwidth connectivity for viewers.

Process the numbers a different way: 1.1 billion connected things were predicted to be used by smart cities in 2015, rising to 9.7 billion by 2020.  iNVR3D conversions will help reduce the bandwidth required to enjoy stereoscopic-VR content from 2D devices.

This is a far cry from traditional stereoscopic-VR content, in which storytellers and publishers must rely on expensive 3D-VR cameras, complex production techniques, and costly data network fees.

For iNVR3D to work properly, we made it cost-effective and user-friendly in terms of conversion, sharing, and viewing, using off-the-shelf hardware.

Imagine what creating 3D virtual reality content easily could do for you:

     - Training: Reduce training costs with normal content and standard photo/video capture cameras. iNVR3D improves the experience by delivering consistent 3D environments in a VR format.

     - Real Estate: Imagine viewing a property by being able to walk through it without leaving your living room.

     - Travel & Holiday: Imagine being able to share amazing locations on your travels, or sharing your holiday experience.

     - Events: Imagine being able to show the venue and atmosphere of an event you attended.

     - Business: Imagine being able to let people experience your place of business online.

     - Home Decoration: Imagine being able to show your friends far away your home.

     - Advertising: The great advantage that VR ads have over other digital channels is that so much more of the medium can be interacted with. This makes VR in 3D much more engaging, memorable, and effective.

iNVR3D is the first platform of its kind, allowing storytellers to publish their 2D content in immersive stereo-VR at scale, using both smartphones and virtual reality headsets.

We hope you will enjoy!